I am looking for a part-time RA (fluent in any two languages among English,  Chinese, and Korean) with a social science background (political science, economics, sociology, or public policy) to work on new datasets. Please email me ( if interested.

Email me for any inaccessible paper or unlinked working papers.

Working Paper​s
Work in Progress
Other Writings

[Peer-reviewed Publications]

[9] "Rivals Within: Political Factions, Loyalty and Elite Competition under Authoritarianism," 
Accepted, Political Science Research and Methods(with
Ting Chen, HK Baptist University)

[8] "Social Ties as a Political Resource: Revisiting Democratic Transition of South Korea" 
       Forthcoming, Journal of East Asian Studies. (with Joon Nak Choi, HKUST)

[7] "Oilfields, Mosques and Violence: Is There a Resource Curse in Xinjiang?" 

       Forthcoming (OnlineFirst), British Journal of Political Science(with Wenhui Yang, UT Austin)

            Online Appendix                 Replication File


[6] "Colonization and Education: Exploring the Legacy of Local Elites in Korea"        
2018Economic History Review 71(3): 938-964.  (with Christopher Paik, NYUAD)

           Online Appendix                 


[5] "How Natural Resources Affect Authoritarian Leaders’ Provision of Public Services: Evidence from China" 
2018, Journal of Politics 80(1): 178-194. 
            Online Appendix                 Replication File              

            Introduced by 唧唧堂, 《财新周刊》, 政见    


[4] "Does Oil Hinder Social Spending? Evidence from Dictatorships, 1972-2008."

       2017, Studies in Comparative International Development 52(4): 457-482.

            Online Appendix                 Replication File


[3] "Unexplored Consequences of Violence against Civilians during the Korean War" 
     2017, Journal of East Asian Studies 17(3): 259-283.  (with Woo Chang Kang, ANU) 

            Online Appendix    

[2] "Trauma and Stigma: the Long-term Effects of Wartime Violence on Political Attitudes"
       2017, Conflict Management and Peace Science 34(3): 264–286 (with
Woo Chang Kang, ANU)
            Online Appendix                 Replication File  


[1] "Factories for Votes? How Dictators Gain Popular Support Using Targeted Industrial Policy" 
  2016, British Journal of Political Science 46(3): 501-527.  (with 
SunKyoung Park, Incheon National University)
            Online Appendix                 Replication File         
         - Recipient of the 
2017 Gallup Korea Academic Award

[Publication in other language]

"Research Trends in Studies of Korean Politics Published in Top 50 SSCI Journals in 1986-2017" [In Korean]

 2018, Korean Journal of International Studies 58(1): 219-255. (with Sunkyoung Park and Hojun Lee)

[Working papers]

"Informal Elite Competition and Power-Sharing under Authoritarianism"
(with Leo Yang, UCSD)  
under review

"Hate Thy Communist Neighbor: Protestantism and Election Outcomes in South Korea"
(with Christopher Paik, NYUAD)  under review 

"Citizens' responsiveness to Electoral Mobilization under Authoritarianism: Evidence from China's Grassroots Election" (with Jun Fang, HKUST)   under review 

"Conditional Cross-Border Diffusion of Violence in a Security State: Evidence from Xinjiang, China" 
(with Wenhui Yang, UT Austin)  under review 

"The Long-term Political Effects of State Repression: Evidence from Taiwan" (with Fang-Yi Chiou, Academia Sinica)   under review

"Faked Spies, Democratization, and Transitional Justice: Retrial Acquittals following Fabricated Espionage Charges in Korea" (with Sunkyoung Park, Incheon National University)​   

[Work in progress]

Destructive Origins of Developmental States: Regime-Sponsored Violence, State Building, and Eco-

nomic Development in East Asia

-- book project in progress

Authoritarian Resource Curse: Resource-Driven Development and Social Welfare under Dictatorship

-- book project in progress

Learning to Sympathize and Aspire: An Experimental Study of War Memories, Economic Standings

and Refugee Acceptance (with Cecilia Mo, UC Berkeley and Christopher Paik, NYUAD)

Effects of Dictatorial Development Policy on Authoritarian and Democratic Election: Evidence from

South Korea (with Sunkyung Park and Hyun Joo Yang, Incheon National University)

Natural Resources, Ethnic Autonomy and Inter-Ethnic Inequality in China (with Wenhui Yang, UT Austin)

International Remittance, Dissolution of Community, and Local Development: Evidence from Chinese Korean Migration

Occupiers and Owners: Legacies of Colonial Enterprises (with Christopher Paik, NYUAD)

The Effect of State-building on the Salience of Ethnicity: Experimental Evidence from Southwest

China (with Jun Fang, HKUST)

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