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Research in Progress

Co-author's affiliation is the current one. Email me for any inaccessible papers or unlinked working papers. 

I am looking for a RA (fluent in any two languages among English,  Chinese, and Korean) with a social science background (political science, economics, sociology, or public policy) to work on new datasets. If you are interested in a RA position, please email me at

Working Paper​s
Work in Progress

Working Papers

"Rights and Deaths: Government Reactions to the Pandemic" (with José Antonio Cheibub, Texas A&M and Adam Przeworski, NYU) Revise and Resubmit

"Who Funds Whose Infrastructure: Evidence from Global Project Finance Data" (with Ilker Karaca, Iowa State Univ. and Ruilin Lai, WUSTL) Revise and Resubmit

"Repression in China, Money from China, and Attitudes toward China" (with Yusaku Horiuchi, Dartmouth College) under review

“Shadow of Authoritarian Patronage: Village Leaders and Elections in Rural South Korea” (with Sunkyoung Park and Hyun Joo Yang)

"How COVID-19 Affected Democracy Discourses in China: Evidence from Weibo" (with Ting Chen at Baptist U and  Hanying Wei, HKUST)

Work in Progress

Unsustainable Democracy: Post-colonial Autocratization and Its Institutional Consequences

-- book manuscript in progress


"Space and Fertility: Unraveling the Impact of Geographically Concentrated Development on Low Fertility Trends"
(with Hyeok Yong Kwon, Jong Hee Park, and Jung Wook Son)

"The Conflictual Legacy of Civilian Victimization: Evidence from Two Wars in East Asia" (with Ning He)

"Polarized Agenda-Setting by Global News Media: Salience and Valence of China News"
(with Yusaku Horiuchi and Xinzhuo Huang)


"The Effect of Nation-building on the Salience of Ethnicity: Experimental Evidence from Southwest China"

(with Jun Fang and Jipeng Zhang)

"How Fans and Celebrities Reinforce Nationalism in China" (with Yong H. Kim, Tianzhu Qin, and Han Zhang)

"Do We Have a Deal? Inferring Closed Autocracies’ Intentions Through Sentiment Analysis of Propaganda"
(with Edward Goldring)

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