Research in Progress

Coauthor's affiliation is the current one. Email me for any inaccessible paper or unlinked working papers. 

I am looking for a part-time RA (fluent in any two languages among English,  Chinese, and Korean) with a social science background (political science, economics, sociology, or public policy) to work on new datasets. Please email me ( if interested.

Working Paper​s
Work in Progress

Working Papers

"Conditional Cross-Border Diffusion of Violence in a Security State: Evidence from Xinjiang, China" 
(with Wenhui Yang, UT Austin)  Revise and Resubmit

"The Long-term Political Effects of State Repression: Evidence from Taiwan" (with Fang-Yi Chiou, Academia Sinica)  Revised and Resubmitted

"Rights and Deaths: Government Reactions to the Pandemic" (with José Antonio Cheibub, Texas A&M and Adam Przeworski, NYU)   

"Effects of Dictatorial Development Policy on Authoritarian and Democratic Election: Evidence from

South Korea" (with SunKyoung Park, Incheon National University and Hyun Joo Yang, Sogang University)

"Can a Sense of Shared War Experience Increase Refugee Acceptance?" (with Cecilia Mo, UC Berkeley and Christopher Paik, NYUAD)

"Project Finance Loans, Political Institutions, and Regime Survival" (with Ilker Karaca, Iowa State Univ. and Ruilin Lai, HKUST)

Work in Progress


Destructive Origins of Developmental States: Regime-Sponsored Violence, State Building, and Eco-

nomic Development in East Asia

-- book project in progress

Authoritarian Resource Curse: Resource-Driven Development and Social Welfare under Dictatorship

-- book project in progress

Natural Resources, Ethnic Autonomy and Inter-Ethnic Inequality in China (with Wenhui Yang, UT Austin)

International Remittance, Dissolution of Community, and Local Development: Evidence from Chinese Korean Migration

Occupiers and Owners: Legacies of Colonial Enterprises (with Christopher Paik, NYUAD)

The Effect of State-building on the Salience of Ethnicity: Experimental Evidence from Southwest

China (with Jun Fang, University of Michigan and Zhenqian Huang, China Agricultural University)

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